The independent association for the recreational athlete

Sportinez aims to encourage more people to take part in sports and sportive recreation.

Sportinez wants to achieve that goal by developing the following activities:

  • uniting recreational athletes into one federation
  • representing their common interests
  • disseminating information
  • providing advice on medically responsible and sound sports activities
  • organizing recreational sporting activities
  • organizing top sporting events.

Sportinez does not aim to become an administrative center. Its operation is based on development and promotion of sports. Action is key! A very attractive offer can only contribute more to the eagerness for sports. By participating in at least one of the organizations, you automatically become a member of Sportinez.

Sportinez can offer its members an early benefit already: a comprehensive insurance package and an exemplary service after damage. More info can be found under about insurance. More info on this can be found under insurance.