Sportinez insures its members for accidents involving physical damage, which they fall victim to during the event, or on their way to and from the event.

  1. The term “Accident”
    An accident is a sudden event that causes the insured person physical harm. There will always have to be an external cause (a.o. diseases are excluded). Only accidents that happen during the event, and in specific cases also on their way to and from the event (see point 3) are insured.
  2. Are considered as equivalent to an “accident”
    • Dislocations, strains, muscle tears, hernias, inguinal hernias, sprains that suddenly emerge
    • Diseases and infections that are the direct result of an accident
    • Drowning
    • Animal bites
    • Inhalation of gases
    • The sudden occurrence of a stroke or heart problem, being an acute heart failure, arrhythmias or a heart attack
  3. The road to and from the event
    Accidents that happen on the way from home to the event are only covered if the insured person has registered as a participant beforehand and is therefore already known as a participants before the registration on the day of the event have started. Accidents that happen on the way from the event to the actual residence of the insured person are covered for each insured person who is known as a participant to that event. Accidents that occur while the insured person is a driver of a motorcycle (+50 cc) are also covered, but only for 50% of the insured capital (see below)
  4. Guarantees and capital
    Death: € 8.500
    Permanent Disability: € 10.000
    Funeral expenses: € 5.000
    Medical costs: 100% RIZIV (National Sickness and Invalidity Insurance Institute). Only the medical expenses that are not or not fully covered by the health care federations, shall be eligible for reimbursement by the insurance Sportinez, to depletion of the amounts mentioned earlier.
  5. Foreigners
    Foreigners who have an accident in Belgium can enjoy the insured guarantees and capital. However, as soon as they return abroad, the medical costs incurred there will no longer be reimbursed.

Declaration form

For each claim, you have to follow these steps:

  • Download the declaration form (part 1 and part 2)
  • Part 1: Fill in the front and back, and sign the form.
  • Part 2: To be completed by the attending physician or family physician.
  • Send the form to:
    Sportinez vzw
    Po Box 73
    3980 Tessenderlo
  • Or send it properly scanned via e-mail.

Frequently asked questions

Not in the accident policy. However, consult your own insurance agent. Through the insurance BA-family insurance a compensation could be obtained should a third party be directly linked as a cause to the damage suffered.

The claim form will be handed over by Sportinez to its insurance broker.
They will confirm the declaration by mail, and also include the details specifying the administrator of the case. He / she will provide further information. Questions relating to the claim may be submitted to that person.

You can submit them to the Sportinez association: